Top Ways on How to Add Personality to Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is arguably one of the most frequented and favorite of places in the entire house. Compared to the other spaces, it is also one of the most predictable and typically contains a few appliances, countertop space, and storage areas. Some homeowners find it difficult to style their kitchens and add a little imagination because to them the kitchen doesn’t have a lot of inspiration. However, the truth is, you can steer your kitchen toward a personality-filled look with some inventive styling tips.

Through the smart details, you can bring an original and fresh look to your much loved space in the house.

Addition of a Copper Sink

Copper is not a new entry into the kitchen space. It has a long history of popular use as a kitchen material. Previously, it has shown up in pans and pots, but you can fashion it into a sink for a fresh look. The beauty with a copper sink is that it is unusually stylish and in the words of artisans, it is more humble than marble.

Fix Alternative Handles

When thinking about the kitchen, the picture that often comes into mind is that of storage drawers with knobs and handles made of wood, metal, or ceramic. Starting from this conventional look, you can decide to do something extra and a little more unusual which will give your kitchen a style of its own.

You can try out leather strap handles as they can blend much more beautifully with your wooden counter. They also carry an element of surprise that catches the eye.

Lighting Up Your Kitchen

Most kitchens have task lighting and integrated spotlighting in place. However, if you want a more decorative look, consider putting a table lamp on your kitchen work surface or sideboard. This can give your room a different feel instantly.

Soften Your Stainless Steel Surfaces

Generally, stainless steel is an excellent material for countertops and this is why many designers and construction experts install it in professional kitchens. If you want to add a personality in your kitchen, you may decide to soften your stainless steel counter top brackets and other surfaces by framing them with plywood trim of the cabinets. This automatically eliminates the industrial appearance of steel and gives them a soft and neat appearance.

Incorporate Some Art

In most instances, people tend to make the kitchen more practical than stylish. We forget just like any other room, the kitchen too can benefit from a touch of art and abstract. The easiest way to bring in art into your kitchen is by extending the style from the other areas of your house into the kitchen space. For instance, you can hang a framed painting which beautifully matches the backsplash and cabinets.

Work with Paint

If your kitchen has paneled walls, it can be a perfect space for creative painting. You can use paint to create a backsplash illusion running around yourentire kitchen space. You may even include the lower cabinets in the theme and come up with a beautiful blend of color and personality.
In addition to the above, you can also add vintage spaces and antiqued mirrored glass to create a soft reflective aspect in your kitchen space.

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