Top Ideas for Bathroom Vanity Storage

Bathrooms have gradually been transformed by designers into fully fledged rooms complete with mirrors and cabinets to enable you store your beauty items and cleaning products as well as spares such as toothpaste and toilet rolls. One of the main reasons why bathrooms form the perfect place for storing items is that they help in keeping sensitive and somewhat dangerous items such as medicine and razors away from spaces frequented by children.
As a homeowner, you should target at making the most out of your bathroom vanity and below are some clever storage ideas to start you off.

Built-In Cabinet

Contrary to what many people think, building organization right into your cabinet doesn’t cost a lot of money. Even with a limited budget, you can easily turn the bottom portion of your countertop tower into a clutter-free storage space for hair-styling tools as well as other toiletries. You can even add interior electrical outlets and a flip-up door.

Just to give you an idea, you can house an iPod and stereo docking station on the top part of the countertop tower while at the bottom you can have wide, full extension drawers which hold curling irons, brushes, and other necessities.

Sleek Open Shelving

If you want to add a spa-like feel to your master bathroom, you may consider having an open storage in a contemporary style vanity. With this storage arrangement, you get the opportunity to expose your things for appeal instead of hiding them in drawers. The shelves are perfect for baskets or towels while the drawers are useful for stowing away beauty products and personal items. Adding a single sink basin to this arrangement gives you more counter space to accommodate your everyday essentials.

Adopt the Less is More Concept

Homeowners with smaller bathrooms should consider ways of fully utilizing your space. Instead of crowding your space with a vanity cabinet, try out a small-scale piece. Bella bathrooms recommend a custom-designed furniture piece in place of a vanity. If you use a furniture piece that has an open base and tall legs, you can easily create a lighter and more open feel. A vessel sink can help you keep the drawers underneath spacious to give space for storage of guest towels, store soaps, and even extra rolls of toilet paper.

Extra Counter Space

In most older homes, bathrooms tend to have limited space. in this case, building storage right into the vanity can be extremely essential even if it means scaling down from a double sink. There is a trend where homes are moving away from multiple sinks and concentrating their efforts on storage. This is particularly the case in smaller master bathrooms. By using a single basin, you can open up extra counter space which will in turn provide you with extra storage.

In addition to the above, customizing your vanity by incorporating functional organization into the area can be absolutely helpful. Your customized vanity can include drawer dividers, tilt-out trays, and hair-dryer racks. The bathroom cabinet can house the wardrobe area and a bar for hanging your clothes.

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