How to Put Together a Perfect Wedding Album

There is so much talk about the shots that are a must-have for wedding albums but the question is once you get all the beautiful photos, how do you go about creating a perfect photo album? A wedding album is more like a wedding dress because it is meant to be enjoyed and looked at, at the same time.

In the same manner, photography by link builders team leverages on art to capture your wedding images; there is also an art to assembling the photos once you have them back. Below are some of the tips to help you put together your dream album.

Single Out Your Absolute Favorites

Instead of being stuck with what should be in the album, it is a high time you went for your favorites. Remember your album is an emotional record and not a technical masterpiece. Pick the photos you strongly feel you can’t live without because that is what will make your best collection.

Sometimes, you may find pictures that you never intended them to be captured in the way they were such as the veil being blown off in the wind or someone’s expression that was unintentionally captured. This is what makes wedding photos exciting.

Allow the Photos to Speak for Themselves

Thanks to the digital age, you can now use a lot of tricks to layout your album. However, if not used properly, digital album layouts can create lots of visual clutter. A good photograph is the one that stands on its own and your layout should be as simple as two pictures per spread. A good album layout tip is to put a vertical image on one page and a horizontal image stretching across two pages.

Observe Chronological Order

Usually, ceremony photos go before reception shots and the after party pictures. Observing this chronology helps you create a flow that connects the activities as they were happening. It makes the album a storyline that you can share with your friends.

This is not to say that you can’t start the album with an amazing image of the two of you taken later in the day. However, try to balance such exceptions so that they don’t distort your album.

Go For More Color

If your wedding was colorful, capitalize on the aspect of color. This is because color helps communicate a message and when it pops out, it captures the eye. If on the other hand the wedding didn’t have much color, leverage on the black and white and make it a classic album. You can also intermix to create color variation.

Let Your Photos Represent the Big Ceremony Moments

There are must-have shots such as the exchange of rings and vows, the kiss, and when the bride or groom is walking down the aisle. These images are very important and you can’t afford to overlook them. They create substance in your wedding album.

Do not delay ordering your album. The earlier you order it, the better for you. With the help of your photographer, you can draft a dream layout and pick on extra photos to help create the flow.

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