Here’s 7 useful hacks to buy a house without the fuss

Being able to own a house in Australia is a proud moment in life. It’s exciting to think of all the perks that come with having a propertyin the down under to call your own. Growing your own garden, having anoutdoor picnic, building a swimming pool, etc.

If only we have enough money to instantly buy any home we want, right? The reality of home buying is filled with adversities, particularly with finances, choosing a location, inspections, negotiations, etc. In this article, we will give you a couple of useful hacks so you can go through the whole process without (much) fuss. Here we go.
Prepare your down payment first. Although mortgages are accessible to most prospecting homeowners, it wouldn’t fully cover every cent of the property. You are required to save and have enough cash for downpayment. You shouldn’t attempt to begin looking for properties through brokers without first readying your finances. The standard down payment for a house is 20 percent of the property’s value.

For financing, fixed home loan rates in Australia varies based on your capability. And whether you want a variable or fixed rate home loan, a credit facility or the freedom to split your loan, service providers can offer a home loan to suits you.

Choose your desired location. When it comes to real estate, location is the undeniable king. It is the single most vital factor that drives supply and demand in the property market. Choosing a bad location negatively affects a property’s valuations and vice versa. Decide on your location while saving up for down payment.

Do your research. You have virtually unlimited choices when it comes to houses. Traditionally, we are limited to the newspaper ads and personal visits to property listings.Websites, however, now offer a360-degree view of properties, which not only helps you decide without having to actually go to the house, it saves a lot of money and stress. For some tech-savvy researchers, website usage eliminates the need for realtors, saving you more in the process.

Inspect the property. Granted that most Australian homes today are built using updated standards, you should still take thetime to go check the property yourself (if you know what you’re doing), or better yet, hire a home inspector to do the job for you. If it’s a newly built home in a good community, this may be unnecessary, not so for older homes or those with previous owners.

Negotiate with sellers. Negotiation is a big part of home-buying, specifically when buying a second-hand property. This depends on whether or not you’re a natural-born haggler or if you fear the increasinginvolvementin a negotiation. You don’t necessarily have to just accept the asking price set forth by the property seller. Still, be careful about setting too low of an offer since sellers can eitherchoose other bidders or tell you to scram right off the bat.

End Note. The hacks above are the basic ingredients of any home-buying process. When looking for financial support, you may benefit best fromthefixed home loan rates in Australia, which gives you a peace of mind through fixed loan repayments. Continue researching and don’t hesitate to hire a help if the going gets tough. Best of luck!

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