Are You Having a Destination Wedding? Here are Ways to Prepare for Your Photography

With the increase need for variety and adventure, destination weddings are growing in popularity. Whether it is in South America, Las Vegas, or on a beach somewhere, destination weddings can be exciting. However, before you pack your bags and board the plane, it is important to get some things right so that your big day runs smoothly.

Pack the Details

If you love seeing photos capturing every single aspect of your wedding, you need to be careful about the details. For instance, if you want photography by focus to capture your pretty awesome invitations to show up in your wedding photos, ensure you bring them to your destination. There is nothing as disappointing as something missing out which you had intended from the word go to form part of your wedding photos.

In the event you are handing out welcome bags, ensure you keep an extra one so that your photographer can take a picture of. The bridesmaid and the grooms’ gift are some of the details which may easily be overlooked if not listed down.

Prepare for Your Trash-the-Dress Photo Shoots

If you are the type of person who is a huge fan of trash-the-dress photos and you want them to form part of your destination wedding photography shoot, it is important you coordinate both the place and time well in advance.
In case the photo shoot is scheduled for the day after your wedding, you have to think about your makeup and hair and whether you need to hire your artists again or you will just do it yourself. There are those who prefer to wear their wedding gowns again while others buy another one. If your photographer doesn’t come from the destination in which you are taking your photos, clarify with them if they are familiar with some of the local hotspots. If they are not, they can scout locations beforehand together with your wedding planner or resort coordinator.

Coordinate with Your Photographer on Travel Plans

When hiring a photographer for your destination wedding, it is important you confirm about the timing of their flight into the wedding destination. The best approach is for them to travel in good time and probably book into a hotel a day before so that come the wedding day, all is set and they are fresh to go.

Last minute bookings and travel arrangements should be avoided because of the risk of delays and cancellations. If the photographer is based at the destination, it is important you coordinate with them as well as the makeup stylists, bridal party and parents to ensure everyone is in the hotel room in time to capture the precious getting ready moments.

Don’t Forget the Group Shot

Destination weddings have a unique intimacy which can be best captured through a group shot. Ensure everybody who came from far is involved because this is one way to make your day big. However, notify your photographer in time for the group shot so that they are not taken in by surprise.

A good destination wedding is a memory to be savored and you can’t miss out on the opportunity.

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