Top 4 Ways on How to Save on Your Wedding Video and Photos

Unlike your food or flowers, your wedding photos are treasures that will last for a lifetime whether you put them on social media, your coffee table or in a wedding album somewhere. This is why it pays big to hire photography by link builders team. However, it is important to balance between your budget and your desire for professional wedding photos and videos.

You should know your boundaries and the far you can stretch your finances without affecting the other activities and your afterlife. Below are some of the ways you can exploit so as to save on your wedding photos and video.

Look for Customization Packages

If you are working on a tight budget, it is important to identify what you need and pay exactly for that. This could be extra sessions, hours of coverage or access to digital photo files. If you build your own package, it becomes efficient and convenient for the photographer to fit in. When figuring out what to prioritize in your wedding photography and video, it is important you discuss it with your designated professional photographer.

These pros will help you realistically fit all the must-have shots within the minimum possible amount of coverage.

Delay the Purchase of Your Albums, Prints and DVDs

You don’t have to spend money buying an album right now; instead you should focus on hiring a photographer who will deliver great shots. Some photographers will even lock in the package prize of an album for several months or even up to a year after you have done your wedding.

You can enjoy and share your photos whenever they are ready because you will get digital files as soon as the editing is done. Who knows, you can even get access to an online gallery where you can share your photos free of charge! The same applies to videography. You can upload your highlight reel on platforms such as Vimel and tweet email or post the link.

Conduct Your Ceremony at the Same Place as the Reception

Hosting your reception and wedding ceremony at the same spot has the advantage of allowing you more time to take family photos and portraits as well as shoot the footage you want in your video or album. This is because you don’t have to travel to several other locations. This option also saves you in a few other ways such as on rentals, transportation and venue charges.

Get Referrals

If you have crunched the numbers and squeezed your budget yet you cannot find the appropriate videographer or photographer, do not give up just as yet. Ask the photographers whom you cannot afford to give you referrals to someone else who can be able to work with you within your budget without compromising on your photography style.
These referrals often known as associate or second shooters may not be as established as your first choice photographers but they can do a good job at a much lesser cost. Before signing your photography contract, ensure you meet with the shooter first. This will help you determine the level of comfort and how your personalities mesh.

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