How to Convince Your Partner to Use a Condom

Using a condom during sex is a great way of preventing sexually transmitted infections as well as unwanted pregnancies. However, despite these immense benefits, some people, especially men, do not like using condoms. Therefore, when a couple is having sex, it is common for one of the partners to feel pressured into having unprotected sex, especially when he/she feels embarrassed or powerless to bring up the discussion about safe sex. However, there is no need to risk getting an STI or becoming pregnant, regardless of how fun and exciting unprotected sex might seem. Therefore, when you and your partner are planning on having sex, you should make your opinion on safe sex be known and convince him/her to use a condom.

The reasons people give for not wearing condoms

In order to successfully convince your partner to use a condom when having sex, it is important to understand some of the reasons people give for not wearing one, thus helping you to come up with good response. Below is a look at some of the top reasons for not wearing condoms:

1. The condoms don’t fit

Many men refuse to wear condoms during sex, claiming that the condoms that are available do not fit them well and thus are uncomfortable during sex. And while this may be true, you should make your partner realize that condoms are available in different sizes, and buying the right size can eliminate the problem. In fact, you can even go a step further and volunteer to buy the condoms yourself to make sure that you pick the right size.

2. Using a condom is not pleasurable

Another main reason people refuse to wear condoms during sex is that they claim the rubber reduces sensation, thus making sex less satisfying. And while this might be true, you should never risk getting an STI for just a few minutes of increased sensation. In addition, you and your partner can use condoms that are designed to increase sensation while providing a high level of protection against STIs, for example, ultra-thin and textured condoms that increase sensation for both partners.

3. There is no need to use a condom if you trust your partner

Trust is another excuse give by people trying not use a condom during sex, where they can even try to make their partners feel guilty for what might be interpreted as questioning their trust. Some people might even go a step further and claim that they are STI-free, and thus there is no reason you should use a condom. However, due to the high risks of unprotected sex, you should never be pressured into not using a condom just because your partner wants to feel that you trust him/her. Besides, a person who puts you at a risk of contracting an STI is not someone you should trust.

4. They are not necessary when using contraceptives

Some people think that condoms are only used to protect against unwanted pregnancies, and thus are not important when you are using contraceptives. However, while birth-control pills will offer protection against STIs, having unprotected sex will leave both of you vulnerable to STIs. In addition, birth control pills are not 100% effective and thus using condoms together with them gives added protection.

5. Condom allergy

Latex condom allergy is another common excuse given by some people who do not like using a condom during sex. However, whether it is true or not, latex allergy should not be a reason for you not using a condom. Instead, you and your partner should explore other options such as the use of not-latex condoms that will provide you both with protection while preventing an allergic reaction.

How to convince your partner to a condom during sex

Knowing the above excuses, you can now come up with good reasons on why you should use a condom during sex. However, the next important task is persuading your partner to wear a condom. Below us a look at some of the tips on how you can convince your partner to use a condom during sex

1. Communicate with your partner

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and this applies to all issues related with sex. Therefore, when you feel like your partner does not want to wear a condom, you should not be afraid or feel embarrassed to ask him to put on one. If he comes up with any of the above reasons, give him a very compelling response that will make him put on one.

2. Never be pressured into having unsafe sex

Regardless of how much you love someone, you should not be pressured into having unprotected sex just because your partner feels like you do not trust him. Therefore, when your partner refuses to wear a condom when you ask him to, simply consider not having sex with him.

3. Outline the benefits of using a condom

Another tip on how you can persuade your partner to use condoms is to outline the benefits of having safe sex a some people are still ignorant of the benefits of protected sex. These benefits include:

– Protection against STIs
– Prevention of unplanned pregnancies
– Increased fun in the bedroom a experimenting with condoms can be fun for couples
– Trust a using condoms helps to build trust in a relationship as it shows that both partners care enough about each other to protect themselves against STIs

4. Make the use of condoms fun

For some people, using condoms might seem like a way of taking the fun out of sex. However, you and your partner can be able to avoid this by coming up with various ways to make condoms fun. For example, you can experiment with the use of various types of condoms such as pleasure enhancing condoms, flavored condoms, or glow-in-the-dark condoms. This will help to spice things up, thus eliminating any excuse that says implies condoms is not fun.

5. Always have a few condoms on hand

Having sex in the heat of the moment might mean that your partner does not have any condoms with him, which might make it hard for you to convince him to use one a running to a pharmacy to buy one will definitely cool things down. However, if you have a condom with you, you will help to make your argument to use one stronger. Therefore, you should always have with you a few condoms in case of emergencies, thus making sure that you are always protected.

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