Avoidable Obstacles that Can Stand Between You and the Photographer

The desire to have gorgeous pictures capturing the magical moments of your event is not just your goal but also that of your wedding photographer. As long as you have researched your photographer’s work very well, met for a consultation and you are confident enough he is a good match, nothing should be standing in the way of you achieving that shared goal.

Photographers love their brides cum clients else they won’t be in the trade. However, there are things you can do as the bride that can be potential obstacles to your photographer’s in their quest to deliver the highest quality photos possible.

Posing Like a Super Model

Photographers come to your wedding to document your day not for a personal photo shoot. It is agreed that there will be some formal pictures but it is not your job to strike poses. Instead, follow the cues given by your photographer and trust what he says because there are some things that look good through the lens but in real life they are awkward.

Adding the Picturesque Orange Glow

It is a fact that leveraging the sun-kissed skin shade can result into admirable photos but your natural complexion will read much better in the pictures. If you still want to achieve the sun-kissed color on your photo images, you can let your photographer know so that he can warm up your tone when editing the images.

Leaving Photographers Out of Your Wedding Schedule

While it is true that photographers have done lots of weddings and they know how to capture over 200 family photos and still make it for your cocktail hour photo shoots, it is important to factor them in as you make your schedule. Give them enough time to do their jobs and don’t rush them around.

Photographing in the Dark

Most wedding photographers are highly trained and they can deliver magic shots even in areas of low lighting. However, this requires advance set up and extra equipment so that your photos do not come out cloudy.

The best approach is to shoot your photos in areas where there is abundant natural lighting. If it is indoors, look for a setup which is near a sunny window. Keeping your photographers in the dark not only affects the quality of their work but also remember it is your big day and it can easily be ruined.

Inviting Your Photo Enthusiasts to also Take Pictures

The excitement that comes with a wedding makes everyone around you to want to take pictures so as to share with their friends before the official album is out. This can be disturbing to your photographer because when more than one person holds a camera, the people in the photo may be confused where to look.

Since you have paid to have your photos professionally taken, it is important you ask your camera happy friends to politely remain at the sidelines and desist from taking photos because it is your memories that are at risk.
In addition to the above, not giving your photographers a break and worrying too much about the details instead of having fun can ruin an otherwise well planned photography session.

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