5 Ways to Bring Laughter Into Any Lesson

The attempt to create humor in a class can at times turn to be a tricky and challenging task.
Some of the students can take the advantage as the teacher tries to be funny and end up
making the class not controllable. Humor and laughter in a class session are very vital for it
helps create a better connection between the teacher and the students. I also helps reduce the
monotony of the lesson and support increasing the student’s rate of concentration. Laughter
created in class also help the students to ease stress and tensions they might come with to
school as a result of problems they are facing at home. Discussed below are some easy ways
that anyone can use to bring laughter into any lesson.

1. Change your daily routine.

Almost all teachers, tutors or lecturers prefer starting their lessons with a simple task to try and
help warm up their student’s brain. No matter how much healthy this may be, the mind at
times needs some break. At times a teacher can opt to start the lesson uniquely by playing
some inspirational music or even a playing a funny and educative video clip. Such an act shall
make all students start the class in a very lively mood forgetting any prior problems they might
have faced before coming for the lesson. One can get some of these funny clips yet very
inspirational from known sites such as the Kid President and many more on the Google search
engines not forgetting YouTube.

2. Insert some witty questions into classroom assignment and homework.

I have embraced this method very much because it worked for me back in my years as a
student. You can always try and figure out some creative ways and ideas to make the tasks you
give to the students are somehow funny. For instance, if it is a math’s lesson you can try and
provide a question requiring the students to calculate the velocity at which a poacher flees of
from one point to the other after seeing a game warden at another location. Such questions
helps the student create that mental image and hence more comfortable for him to solve the
solution. It shall also help him see the fun of the tasks in that specific lesson reducing the
probability of monotony. The most encouraging moment or scene to any teacher in a class is
seeing his or her students smile in the middle of a course or a fixed focus. It also helps the
lesson instructor to gauge where the students are in the test or task.

3. Make use of some fun decor.

Making use of some funny posters around the classroom or lecture hall walls can be a very
brilliant way to help the students feel relaxed and hence enjoy the learning process. You can
even get to a step ahead and secure a portion of a class whereby student can use for distress if
need be. As a teacher, you can also come up with some special attire for specific lessons. The

decor helps your students to see the fun of the lesson and hence boosting their concentration.
The sole aim of the décor is to make the environment-friendly to the students making them feel
embraced to the teaching.

4. Laugh at yourself.

At times even a teacher makes some silly mistakes or even experiences some brain farts. In the
occurrence of such events, it is very ideal to laugh at yourself. The laughter shows that despite
being a teacher and also the class instructor you are also human and prone to mistakes. The
students might laugh at it helping you know that they are still attentive. It shall also help to
draw back the lost concentration of some students as they shall try to find out what caused the
laughter in the class.

5. Introduce a quote of the day.

Back in the years of high school and college, there was ever a sideboard where teachers used to
write some inspirational and motivational quotes on daily basis. At times these quotes come
along with the topic that is to be learnt in a lesson hence might come along with a joke or even
gig. At times students might long for the next day to find out what quote shall be on the
sideboard and the jokes that might come alongside it.


A dynamic lesson it the wish and will of every teacher or student. Laughter in class helps
students have better understanding of the task given in that lesson. A student might remember
something taught as a result of a joke that came along when the teacher was explaining how to
solve a problem. Despite laughter being necessary for a class, they should always be done with
moderation ensuring you do not undermine the entire purpose of the lesson.

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