5 Best Trimmer in range of 1000

1. Philips BT1000 Trimmer  For Men

Product Detalis :

The Philips Beardtrimmer Series 1000 delivers skin friendly trimming results time after time. Use the trimmer up to 2 months with one set of batteries.Blades stay extra-sharp to always cut hairs neatly and effectively, but have rounded blade tips and combs to prevent irritation.Slide the comb up to the desired length setting, from 1,5 to 7mm or use it without the comb for a 0,5mm stubble.Simply pop the trimmer head open and use the cleaning brush included to sweep away loose hairs.Flexing guide comb that follows every curve of your face for getting an even trim in an easy and comfortable way.

2. Hitachi BM-S1000 Wireless Shaver Trimmer For Men



Product Detalis :

Hitachi BM-S1000 Shaver For Men has 2 AA Battery with a 60 mins usage time.

3. Philips BT1000/15 Pro Skin Trimmer For Men

Product Detalis :

The Philips Pro Skin Trimmer is the perfect trimmer that you need to have in hand for a fast and effective trim each time. It delivers close and precise skin-friendly trimming results with its powerful performance. Ergonomically designed and compact, you can use this device for up to 2 months with one set of batteries. It can also be used for 120 minutes in the cordless power mode.
Trimming Features
The blades are extra-sharp to ensure neat and effective cutting and come with rounded blade tips and combs to prevent any irritation. You can slide the comb to the desired length setting (between 1.5 mm to 7 mm) or use it without a comb for a 0.5 mm stubble.

4. A-star NMSK565 Pro Gromming Trimmer For Men


Product Detalis :

We Bring to you Astar India’s First Good Quality Trimmers. These are used by Men and women and are easy to clean and easy on skin. Easy to Charge and easy to use.This Unique Pro Trimmer with Sharp blades is specially designed trimmer from A-star which offers a powerful yet ultra silent motor an ergonomic design, and skin-friendly blades and comb tips, for the best performance on kids and adults hair. It also trimms your hair upto 0.1 mm . Its unique systems helps you choose different lenght settings to manage your stubble and look.It is also comes with high grade stainless steel blades which keeps your skin smooth and clean after every use.

5. Philips BG1024/16 Bodygroom series 1000 Trimmer For Men


Product Detalis :

Comfortably trim unwanted body hair so you’re always prepared for any occasion. This intuitive tool is designed to be gentle, for worry-free bodygrooming even in your mostsensitive areas.Skin Protection. Guards your skin, while trimming as close as 0.5mm. Seamlessly trims hair in both directions. Comfortably trim longer hair using the 3mm combEasy to use. Easy to clean and use in or out of the shower. Includes one AA battery, up to 2 months use. Easily store your body groomer wherever you want Built to last. No need to replace the blades. 2-year guarantee

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